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change style to easily open new situation

Le 12 May 2014, 03:23 dans Humeurs 0

The establishment"four color early warning" means social public order condition by green, blue, yellow and red four kinds of colorses, even precision show inside the police substation magistracy or some condition of one district.South all the reporter see on the statistical chart, the feeling of the Jing suggested for the past one weeks, only south the sand area was early warning for yellow, from turn with river in the sky then is blue, rest all is green.Jing feeling Gao Fa time concentrated at 5:00 p.m. to night 9:00.Patrol Jing area to divide the line to also take Jing feeling as foundation.Police according to the Jing feeling chooses to arrange "move a Jing duty car" and assaults a car and defends a car suddenly and violently, is a normal to patrol duty to rely on and the street noodles meet an emergency a Tu Tun the soldier ordernike free 3.0 v4 mujer ;Row district, gradation to respond to while important case or sudden sex affairs happening, and the ratings direct and adjust Jing nearby.Words do you know that people Jing could exercise which powers while patroling to be on duty?Investigate and search a personnel who against the method crime suspicion, the check is suspected of a vehicle, product;Inspect a residents' ID card, and passport...etc. effective identity certificate;To current crime personnel, graveness crime suspect personnel or make at the case escaping, can in advance imprison or adopt other compulsive measure by law;Rectify the behavior of breaching the road transportation management method;Use each kind of weapon and Jing Xie by law;Under the sistuation that it's urgent to pursue and arrest, give first-aid, rob insurance etc., through Produce a certificate, can have the initiative the transportation of using the organization, group and business enterprise, business unit and citizen individual, means of communication;Exercise other authority of law, laws rules.Where expose in time and inspect emollient, change style to easily open new situation;Whereas, if sings great song and gets around a problem, unavoidably foster solid achievement falsely do of custom.This is 8 in the center to stipulate a set, everywhere an outstanding characteristics of style construction.Just because of such, win the protracted warfare of crop change breeze, have to enlarge public opinion direct, let to breach eight behaviors nike free 4.0 v3 hombre that stipulate spirit to have no place to hide a body."The sunlight is the best antiseptic" helps the power norm to circulate and cans not gets away from enhancing of public opinion direct.The mark thought to once say, the whole office-holders had to carry on a work under the public direct, can dependablely keep them from pursuing promoting to become rich and pursue their own special benefits so.The public opinion is the effective path that the crowd exercises to inspect power, in the reality, some staffs"not afraid inner part notification, afraid publicly appear in newspaper" is embodying the power of public opinion direct.Change the essence of style to lie in a norm power, pass the effect that the public opinion direct stirs up "ten eyes see""ten hands points", exertion well hand is dispeling evil, with The Jing follows bad examples of educate a caution function, can help the power to in the sun circulate.The public opinion direct has quick in action and discovers a problem in time and push a problem-solving important outlet.The Premier is various former, exactly to expose through quickly emollient medium, food the safety and housing guarantee etc. realm of some problems acquire to dissolve in time;Is exactly also pass to keep on continuous public opinion direct, the Cheng antisepsis hurts, the society manage the related system of etc. to be sound and perfect.The fact proves that public opinion direct is and inspect inside the party, democracy direct, law direct etc. proceednike free 4.0 v2 online together of sharp weapon.Constucts in the style of in the process, develop good public opinion direct function, detection together, expose together, solution together, can not fail to help eight rules to fall solid place, thin place.The style problem has bigotry, again and again sex, once the focus transfers, requests to loosen, easily make some people feel that the situation has been already led, it causes bad moral atmosphere's appearing a rebound.The public opinion direct is an all-weather search-light, can keep the high pressure situation and public opinion atmosphere of anti-"four breezes"s, continuously consolidation and deepen to change a style achievement.Now some places, the public funds food and drink is transfered into concealment place by the guest house hotel, the social events don't put dinner party but red envelope to shine on to accept, and the facial expression reaches an idea to use an electricity

to the control of point road segment

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The number is no less than 2 people each time, among them, people Jing is no less than one person;The mobile set mainly means mobile patrol to check a car with fixed-point, to the control of point road segment and district, the number is no less than 5 people each time, among them, people Jing is no less than 3 people.The whole citieses still establish 80 to meet an emergency to cruise to defend Jing area and deploy more than 200s every day Jing especially, fight Xun etc. mobile have frequently strength, with 5 artificial 1 set, bear arms to be on duty, fold to add the whole city point part, road segment, with belong to a ground of police substation to cruise to defend strength formation to repair with each other, enlargement cruise to defend throwing in of strength and organize a defence density."The dissimilarity cruises anike free 5.0+ hombre set and provides with individual and vehicle material according to the different standard and all provides with weapons according to the norm while being on duty people Jing and patroling, community people Jing would also go together with a gun while developing community and defending and controling a work everyday and had Jing and connected Jing while being on duty, have no the Jing patrol."Conductor everywhere in police department commanding center in Guangzhou City grows Chen Sen Sheng to introduce.BE patroling "necessarily to order" and establishing a label to book according to the deployment, the duty method for patroling includes an automobile, bicycle, on footoot patrols and the fixed-point guards.Totally the whole citieses constitution includes more than 700s to cruise a set and concretely arrives each number of to patrol time, necessarily arrive number of times, patrol scopes to all have an explicit request.Such as, on footoot patrol the scope radius as 500 meters, the bicycle patrols scope The radius is 1000 meters, the automobile patrols every 30 minutes 1 time.It is each to cruise a set every day and patrol for 6-8 hours.Part point the district will practice to without a break be on duty for 24 hours.How to ensure the effective implementation for patroling?Police in Guangzhou means that the strict councilor checks system.Introduce according to Chen Sen Sheng, the whole citieses are on duty every day of patroling and defending to control solid system of strength execution report, the all levels conductor section will practice duty direct.First, the all levels commanding center passes the work condition that can control magistracy to cruise to defend strength while seeing to turn conductor to adjust one degree platform actually.The second, the all levels inspector section uncertain expects to send a councilor's team to develop nike free run 3 venta the spot check instruction.The third, patrol "necessarily to order" to establish at the point part and the station wharf, school periphery, and Gao Fa An district...etc. label to book, beat card machine or electronics to cruise more system.Is 4 types of and cruise set according to constituting and duty characteristic, patrol full-time strength and divide the line and strengthen a type, mobile, mesh and turn Jing area for point, meet an emergency and cruise and defend...etc. Be four types of to cruise a set, combine a person and flow at the same time, transportation, public order actual factors, such as condition and geography environment...etc., vivid adopt an automobile, bicycle, on footoot patrol and the fixed-point guards an etc. duty method and develops and patrols and defends and controls according to"guard a point- cruise line- protect noodles" mode and put forth effort and promote street The noodles sees a Jing rate.5 integral whole according to police department commanding center in Guangzhou City conductor the everywhere grow Chen Sen Sheng to introduce, stereoscopic turn a social public order to patrol to keep the core of controling the work from lying in shutting of"the information grinds to judge- duty conductor- the solid soldier patrol- customs station application- video frequency supervision" of wreath allied frequently operate mode, five integral whole set up "flexibility" to defend to control a work mechanism and truely attain "the Jing duty is as synchronous as Jing feeling" and with maximum limit squeeze illegal crime movable space.Di Jing nike free 3.0 v5 hombre feeling for the past one weeks Jing feeling Gao Fa time:5:00 p.m. to night 9:00 police department commanding center in Guangzhou City conductor everywhere grow Chen Sen Sheng to introduce, it is this time point of adjustment to take Jing feeling as to lead to cloth Jing, is changed for"the number turns" and"fine turn" cloth Jing by"thick put type" cloth Jing, carry out police force to follow Jing feeling to walk, promote social side to patrol to defend to control of aim at sex and work effect.According to understand, Guangzhou has already set up public video frequency supervision to stretch forward 397,000, x-rated supervision center in the city bureau, branch office and police substation has 256 video frequency supervision rooms, throws in a video frequency to cruise to control strength more than 2000 person-times every day and practices an all-weather and all-directions video frequency to patrol towards governing inside the point road segment, part.Police in Guangzhou returns to ahead expect a data collections and grind the foundation for judging up, use geography information system in the Jing

carried out by the people police

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Go the behavior of job;8 advise a solution and stop the civil dispute that takes place in the public place;9 stop the cause behavior of serious spirit obstacle, drunk with wine person;10 point road for pedestrian, help and suddenly get hurt, fall ill, meet with accident etc. be placed in and have no the person of aiding the status and help the disable and sick person of meeting the difficulty, old man and child;11 accept ten keepsake articles, try and took back owner or deliver ten things and advertise for a section;12 patrol Jing area the safety guard against a circumstance and hint the along the street parties concerned and residents get rid of concealed suffer from, work well each kind of public order of the collections of information;13 performance the law, laws stipulate other tasks that is carried out by the people police.(Two)people Jing in the middle of patroling and being on duty by law exercise 7 following powers:1 investigate and search a personnel who against the method crime suspicion, check Be suspected nike free 3.0 v4 hombre of a vehicle and product;2 inspect an effective identity certificate of residents' ID card, and passport...etc.;3 rightnesses of current crimes personnels and important crime suspect personnel or make at the case escaping, can by law in advance imprison or adopt other compulsive measure;4 rectify to breach a road transportation management of behavior;5 by law use each kind of weapon and Jing Xie;6 is pursuing and arresting, give first-aid and rob insurance etc. under the urgent circumstance, through produce a certificate, can have the initiative to use an organization, group and business enterprise, business unit and citizen individual of transportation and means of communication;7 exercise law , The laws stipulates of other authority.Patrol people Jing and assist a Jing job each have dissimilarity:patrol people Jing to mainly undertake the prevention stroke road noodles illegal crime, emergency response treatment sudden case affairs, service help crowd etc. job.Public order member, assist strengths like Jing,etc to mainly help people Jing to develop a social noodles dynamic state to control, the case affairs spot order support etc. don't enforce the law, assistance work, don't have to enforce the law power by law.Only becomes distance Meng Ren the Wang Xiao Lin province Ji Wei of Shanxi inspect hall on April 29 toward the society announce, the transportation hall original head of department, Wang Xiao Lin, , and transportation hall original deputy commissioner, Wang Zhi Min, ...etc. of Shanxi province are suspected of nike free 4.0 v3 venta criminally being moved to send a judicial organ processing due to seriously disobeying Ji to be subjected to political Ji's punishment respectively.Before now, transportation hall in Yunnan province original head of department only became, Guizhou province transportation hall original head of department distance Meng the Ren fell a horse one after another, short short two with in the week, 3 original transportation head of departments were announced to check place, again aroused a public opinion hot argument:Actually is the reason why, cause "front the Fu succeed" of this realm?The stocktaking takes bribe the inest common use collect wealth means according to incompletely the statistics , over 20 years of latest, be checked the transportation head of department(is full-time) of place to reach to 15.They respectively BE:Wang Xiao Lin in Shanxi, once glorious city, Zhang Kun Tong and stone in Henan becomes bright, permanent stability Tung, Guizhou Of distance Meng Ren and Lu Wan Li, of Yunnan only becomes, in Liu of Sichuan mountain, the cow and boon in Guangdong, Wang Xing Yao in Anhui, the chapter of Jiangsu handsome dollar, Oman in Xinjiang ·admire Ji, Zhao Zhan Qi in Zhejiang, the Pu day of Jiangxi is new.If plus a transportation hall deputy commissioner, "transportation head of department" is more astonishing because of going bad the amount of falling the horse.Seeing from above-mentioned information, Henan successively the 4 term transportation head of department fall horse, Guizhou province and Yunnan province successively falls the transportation head of department of horse and deputy commissioner each have 3, the transportation"front the Fu succeed" of the head of departments not unique, but their fall a horse usually can not leave two keywords:Money, colornike free 4.0 v2 comprar .In "money", at the earliest stage delivered a case at the transportation hall original head of department of Henan in 1997 once brocade city, took bribe a style of thing to total more than 10000 dollarses 20, in that age, this wasn't a fraction word.But after 10 years, this number's transportation hall in Yunnan original beard star of deputy commissioner turned over several decuples there:The beard star makes use of job convenience to receive a huge sum of to bribe more than 10000 dollars 4000, its younger brother establishes company, and take care of in the beard star under in mark, once made a profit 100,000,000.These transportations the head of departments who fall a horse collect wealth means it may be said multifarious.Because the concealment is all high, take bribe to become their inest common use means, almost andly fall transportation horse's head of departments all

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